Policy-Reflective Papers

Children’s Right to Entertainment in Jordan: A Pressing Demand, not a Frivolous Indulgence

Walaa Al Manaseer | March 2023

Aligning the Skills of Jordanian Graduates with the Needs of Labor Market

Sarah Al-Shikh Omar | March 2023

Climate Change in Science Curricula of Jordanian Schools: Aspiration and Reality

Safa Nabil Momani | March 2023

Inclusive University Education for People with Disabilities: Unjust Barriers

Manar Al Rawashdeh and Suad Al Habashin | March 2023

The Dilemma of Sucide Policy in Jordan: Death for the committed, and Imprisonment for the survivor

Jude Al Khraisha | March 2023

Towards an Active Participation of Youth in the Creation of Local Environmental Solutions

Hadeel al Qatameen | March 2023

Protecting the Health of Working Children: Doing the Very Least!

Baraa al-Far | March 2023

Partisan Activity in Jordanian Universities:
Guarantees and Mechanisms for the Implementation of the 2022 Political Parties Law

Amani Al Qudah | March 2023

University Student Council Elections Crisis: The Case of a Jordanian University

Ahmed Helmy Al-Ably | March 2023